See, touch, and promote with your "heart".See, touch, and promote with your "heart".
This is the exhibition of the future
that connects companies and influencers.
Exhibition Schedule
April 2024
The 9th “Influencer Banpaku”


November 2024
Japan Korea Contents Showcase

Now accepting applications from exhibitors!

Please click here for inquiries or applications for the exhibition.
Please click here for inquiries or
applications for the exhibition.
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how the event works out.
Influencer Exhibition’s
See, touch, and promote with your "heart".See, touch, and promote with your "heart".
Companies that want to appeal their products and services in an “Offline Environment”.
Influencers who want to promote items with "good quality".
The “Influencer Banpaku” is a real event that connects the two needs.
Visitors are determined by invitation only, with only high quality influencers screened by the secretariat.

The "Influencer Banpaku" is a unique opportunity to promote not only urban areas, but also various attractive local regions through the "power of PR by influencers".
The "Influencer Banpaku" is a future exhibition that will connect companies and influencers.
This is the exhibition of the future that connects companies and influencers.

Promotions cost money

Stores and brands that think so will surely convey the value of their products if they accurately appeal to influencers, who are always at the center of the trend.
3 points of the "Influencer Banpaku"
The "Influencer Banpaku" is recommended for stores
and brands with these concerns and aspirations.
Those who want to show the "value" of
products and services
that are not yet recognized,
Exhibiting at the "Influencer Banpaku" will...
* Increase the number of impressions by influencers’ post!
* Increase customers and their engagement!
For those who would
like to meet "influencers"
who are sensitive to the latest trends..
This is your chance to meet over 300 influencers!
You can communicate directly with them and work
with one of them for your company's future promotions!
“Tried PR measures with
influencers but they were not effective”
“Casting costs were too high”
By the “Influencer Banpaku”, we make things feasible!
Maximizing the effectiveness of your PR postings and cost-efficient performance!
There are significant advantages that differentiate us from the typical "influencer PR projects".

* The influencers can directly communicate the quality of products and services in offline environments, so the "thoughts" of the company can reach the SNS users beyond the influencers and that is how "high quality PR" comes true!
* Effective PR can be done at a much lower advertising cost than the market price!
* You can use the influencer's postings for secondary use. You can promote influencers on your company’s SNS or use influencers on your website!
How to make use of other events
Stage Events and Promotion Planning
For example, you could plan for “Presentation of new products” and “Talk shows”
Live Commerce Planning
Influencers can broadcast your items live on SNS platforms. It is also possible to plan product sales to the general public during the event hours.
Crowd Funding
You can also organize a crowdfunding campaign on the same date for the event and promote users to the crowdfunding page from your story URL. By doing so, you could measure the effectiveness of your fundraising efforts.
Creatives (audition format, etc.)
We can do all the casting, filming, and editing for you.
For example, if you want to cast models for commercials or web commercials, we can plan an on-the-spot audition on the day of the event. We can also create a project that can generate a lot of issue, such as selecting who you would like to work with, among the influencers who participated in the event.
“Influencer Banpaku” offers a variety of plans to suit the size of your business.
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Characteristics of
Invited Influencers
Characteristics of Invited InfluencersCharacteristics of Invited Influencers

View Invited Influencers’ Results

The “Influencer Banpaku” is an invitation-only event,
open only to influencers who meet the requirements.

New possibilities for you and your
influencers to work together

Information Request
(※)For your new possibilities accompanied by influencers
・Must have an account with more than10,000 followers
・Main attribute: MF1 (male and female, 20-34 years old)
・Faithful in communication and correspondence
※Applications will be screened based on the company’s rules and regulations.
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The 7th 
“Influencer Banpaku”
The 7th
“Influencer Banpaku”

October 27, 2023 (Fri)
The 6th 
“Influencer Banpaku”
The 6th
“Influencer Banpaku”

October 6, 2023 (Fri)
The 5th 
“Influencer Banpaku”
The 5th
“Influencer Banpaku”

August 14, 2023 (Mon)
The 2nd 
“Influencer Banpaku”
The 2nd
“Influencer Banpaku”

December 6, 2022 (Tue)
“Influencer Banpaku” 
“Influencer Banpaku”

November 28, 2021 (Sun)
List of Past Exhibitors and Brands
Administrative Support

“Influencer Banpaku” is available for media and press interviews and appearances.
For media and press inquiries, please feel free to contact us through the link below.

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